Promoting diversity

Based on our conviction in the limitless potential of human beings, the S-Pool Group engages in the human resource business with the motto “all are guaranteed opportunities to change, to grow, and to shine.”
But in Japan today, due to insufficient employment opportunities for young and inexperienced workers, those with disabilities, seniors, homemakers, and others, many people find themselves unable to work in the way they would prefer.
By building an organization that makes the most of diversity and respecting each person's own individual characteristics, including race, nationality, gender, age, disability status, and work style, we seek to do our part and more to change the status quo and to realize a society in which all people have the opportunity to experience the joy of work.
Aiming to realize a society based on normalization for all, the S-Pool Group strives to develop environments in which all are provided the opportunity to do rewarding work as productive members of society.

Specific examples
  • Providing equal employment opportunities

    The S-Pool Group promotes the hiring and deployment of diverse employees through employment standards based solely on ability and aptitude, free of all forms of discrimination, such as race, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation. We have developed a unique job application form that does not include items that could lead to bias or discrimination in the hiring process, to ensure equal employment opportunities for all applicants.
  • Improving D&I literacy

    E-learning training for the purpose of promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I), including understanding disabilities. The employment rate of persons with disabilities in the S-Pool Group is 3.4%, with many people with disabilities working for the company.
  • Establishing a D&I consultation service

    A dedicated D&I consultation service is available to provide advice on a wide range of issues, from employee working styles and career changes to disability and LGBT issues.
  • Scheduled hospital leave system

    The S-Pool Group provides a system for people with disabilities to continue working with peace of mind, we have a ' Scheduled hospital leave system' that allows employees to take up to one leave per month for hospital visits. The system is being expanded to promote the creation of a system that makes it easier for everyone to work and perform.
  • 「D&I Award」を取得

    Received the 'D&I Award'

    The D&l Award is Japan's largest award recognizing companies committed to diversity and inclusion. In 2022 we were awarded the top second 'Advanced' status.