Local CommunitiesCommunity Involvement and Community Development

Creating jobs to address regional disparities

An important topic for local community revitalization efforts led by the Japanese government is job creation in local communities.
In cooperation with administrative agencies, S-Pool Link, Inc. and S-Pool Glocal, Inc. currently operate BPO centers as core service facilities in sixteen local cities with populations of 100,000 or less. Our BPO centers have drawn attention for their success in creating comfortable working environments for women (homemakers) in local cities, where administrative job opportunities are scarce. Through these initiatives, we created jobs for more than 384 people, more than 84.1% of whom are women (as of end of February 2023).

  • Kitami Center (Hokkaido)
    Kitami Center (Hokkaido)
  • Komatsushima Center (Tokushima)
    Komatsushima Center (Tokushima)

Basic Policy on Community Activities

In line with our corporate philosophy of “Supporting corporate transformation for all our customers and embracing the power of outsourcing to solve social issues,” S-Pool advances social businesses to work on solving social issues through business activities.
We regard collaboration and cooperation with the community as essential to solving social problems and developing our business, and we carry out community activities to fulfil our responsibilities as a member of society.
Through active dialogue with stakeholders, we will contribute to the development of prosperous local communities by working to nurture the next generation and develop sporting and cultural activities.

Community activities

We undertake various activities to support the progress of local communities as measures to support the next generation.

For the future of children

  • Co-sponsoring the Children of the Sea Exhibit

    The Children of the Sea Exhibit is a time-honored children's picture contest established in 1973 by the artist Taro Okamoto. Intended to help cultivate aesthetic sensibilities in early childhood, a crucial period for building character, this contest seeks to promote the healthy development of the next generation. We donate funding for the competition and help organize events in which children and art teachers draw pictures of the sea together.
  • Co-sponsoring Sports HINOMARU Kids

    The basic vision of Sports HINOMARU Kids is to help children grow up healthy and sound in body and mind through sports, to create positive family relationships, and to build a brighter society (communities). Sports HINOMARU Kids implements diverse activities to create many opportunities for many children to shine in the spotlight on their respective stages and to strengthen the bonds between children and parents.
  • Co-sponsoring the Sokujohin Temple Concert

    Each year, the winners of the Student Music Concours of Japan are given the opportunities to perform in concerts in Kyoto and take part in study tours there. Beyond refining musical skills, these efforts provide young musicians with opportunities to experience Japan's living culture, traditions, and history firsthand and venture out into the world on their own as good Japanese citizens.
  • Supplying free vegetables to the Children's Cafeteria program

    The Children's Cafeteria is a private sector initiative providing, through the actions of local residents, meals for free or at reduced cost to families living in poverty and children who eat meals alone at home. The program has recently begun providing meals to all who desire them—both children and adults—to enhance community relations. Free of charge, we provide fresh and safe vegetables grown by those with disabilities working at our Work Happiness Farms to Children's Cafeteria and welfare facilities to help realize an inclusive communal society.
  • Participating in TABLE FOR TWO

    TABLE FOR TWO is a social contribution activity that makes it possible to provide school meals to children in developing countries through a 20 yen donation. In the S-Pool Group, employees donate 20 yen to TABLE FOR TWO for each bag of Work Happiness Farm produce they receive. Donations in FY2022 totaled 64,267 yen, bringing the total amount of donations over the six-year period to 403,977 yen. This effort helps improve the health of children in developing countries and the health of our own employees.

Supporting the Progress of Sports and Culture

  • Co-sponsoring Paralym Art

    Paralym Art aims to support the economic independence of artists with disabilities. Corporate sponsors donate funds to lease works of art to display in their offices. In addition, usage fees for the art (accounting for 50% of the foundation's revenues) are paid to artists with disabilities employed by the program and to facilities for those with disabilities. The Company supports social participation and economic independence for those with disabilities through donating to Paralym Art.
  • Supporting volunteer activities by employees

    The Group supports opportunities to promote social awareness among employees through external voluntary or other activities and encourages employees to apply these experiences in their own growth. In 2019, we dispatched employee volunteers recruited within the organization to aid recovery efforts in areas sustaining typhoon damage. We also contributed voluntary donations and disaster aid funding from the Company to support relief and recovery activities in affected areas. We will continue to pursue community support activities in areas affected by disasters in the future as part of efforts to develop systems to help employees take active part in community and social activities.

    Donations for disaster relief

    July 2018: torrential downpours in West Japan Donated to: Japanese Red Cross Society Donations: 3,000,000 yen
    October 2019: Typhoon Hagibis Donated to: Chiba Prefecture Disaster Task Force Donations: 113,160 yen
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Past activities

  • Donating to Kyoto University's iPS Cell Research Fund

    These donations support the operation of Kyoto University's Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, directed by Professor Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Developed in Japan, innovative iPS cell technology offers the potential to improve treatment for patients suffering from intractable diseases and injuries for which essentially no other treatment currently exists. The Center conducts daily research activities to rapidly identify medical applications for this technology.
  • Cooperating free of charge in the COVID-19 hotline of the city of Kitami, Hokkaido

    As part of its activities to contribute to local communities, S-Pool Link provided telephone services related to COVID-19 emergency economic stimulus measures at its data entry center in the city of Kitami. The company thus helped vitalize the local community via its telephone service expertise.
  • Launching an employee sharing platform

    S-Pool, Inc. has worked with three other companies—ZENKIGEN Inc., WorkStyleTech Co., Ltd., and Eleven, Inc.—to establish a platform to facilitate connections between overstaffed and understaffed companies. This platform serves as a liaison point that matches company to company and helps resolve staffing issues by ensuring smooth support for staffing adjustments.
  • Donating masks to customer long-term care facilities (where temporary staff are assigned)

    Donating masks to customer long-term care facilities (where temporary staff are assigned)
    During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, when surgical masks were difficult to secure, S-Pool Human Solutions, Inc. donated some 30,000 masks to customer long-term care facilities to help facility staff and users curb the spread of infection.