Social Contributions Through Business ActivitiesSocial Contributions Through Business Activities

We seek to realize a society based on normalization by solving social issues through our businesses.

  • 8 Decent work and economic growth
  • 10 Reduced inequalities

In light of the accelerating decline in Japan's birth rate and its aging population, various measures are being implemented by both the public and private sectors to secure new employees and improve working environments. However, this does not necessarily mean that the workers themselves are employed in rewarding (decent) work.
At S-Pool, we're developing a wide range of businesses based on unique business models to support decent work for those faced with limited employment opportunities, including those with disabilities, senior citizens, single parents, and inexperienced workers. We believe we can contribute to Japan's revitalization by resolving social issues through our core businesses.

Promoting the employment of those with disabilities

Jobs created for those
with disabilities
* As of the end of February 2024

While amendments to the Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities have increased corporate incentives to employ those with disabilities, the reality is that it can be difficult to integrate those with disabilities into particular portions of core workflows and to retain them.
Under such conditions, S-Pool Plus, Inc. supports vocational independence for those with disabilities, through its rental farms for companies, Work Happiness Farms, where they can pursue rewarding work in a positive atmosphere. To date, these farms have employed more than 3,800 people and have a retention rate of 91.7%.

for younger and inexperienced workers

Annual number of staff securing permanent
employment with client firms
* As of the end of February 2024

S-Pool Human Solutions, Inc. provides Temporary Staffing Services centered on call centers that proactively employ young and inexperienced workers.
Our distinctive group-based temporary staffing services assign field consultants (FCs) full-time to the placement destinations to provide thorough follow-up support that helps boost staff retention rates. Thanks to the resulting improvements in staff's skills and service capabilities, some 1,000 temporary employees secure permanent employment with destination workplaces each year.

Job creation in local communities

Jobs created at BPO centers
* As of the end of February 2024

Today, with various government-led measures underway to promote community revitalization, low employment creation has been identified as a major contributor to the issue of population outflows from provincial areas.
Working with government efforts, S-Pool Link, Inc. and S-Pool Glocal, Inc. operate BPO centers mainly in provincial cities with populations of 100,000 or fewer. By opening facilities in communities with low rates of administrative personnel recruitment and actively hiring local human resources, we promote community employment. Currently, those BPO centers employ 443 people.


Percentage of female employees
at BPO centers
* As of the end of February 2024

BPO centers are located chiefly inside shopping centers, where numerous local residents congregate. By focusing not just on convenience but on interior design, they maintain comfortable working environments for women.
To date, those BPO centers have created employment for more than 370 women. Percentage of female at BPO centers are more than 83%.

Employment of seniors

Senior citizens registered
in our Professional Talent Bank
* As of the end of February 2024

S-Pool is also expanding its Professional Talent Bank business, which features a pool of senior citizens who have reached mandatory retirement age but who offer high levels of specialized expertise, as well as networks of contacts they can draw on to help businesses meet their respective challenges.
From highly experienced executives to middle managers offering a wealth of experience in the field, more than 14,000 professionals have registered with our Professional Talent Bank and currently serve in advisory and practical operational roles with more than 4,000 companies.