Employment support for persons with disabilities

Special Needs Employment Service drives S-Pool's growth. This special feature introduces the reasons for the sharp growth of these services, the characteristics of our business model, and our future growth strategies.

3What is the growth potential?

Social values and growth prospects

Annual sales growth, between FY2022 and FY2025
Projected employees with disabilities for FY2025

Farm management income underpinning our growth stability increases, and more expansions are set for the future

Our income derives from three main sources: stock-based farm management fees with continuous monthly contracts, flow-based income from recruitment fees, and sales of cultivation equipment at the time of initial contract. Stock-based farm management fees accrue income as the contracts increase over time. This income was a major contributing growth factor in FY2018 (ended November 2018) and is a foundation for future stable growth. The philosophy of our Special Needs Employment Service, which provides employment services for persons with disabilities, is to contribute to a better society by creating employment for as many persons with disabilities as possible. We have a numerical target of 5,300 employees for FY2025 and we are aiming for further business expansion and social contribution.

These services will grow steadily in the medium and long term, along with our societal contributions.

Benefits for everyone involved

Direct and indirect social value for companies, the government, and persons with disabilities

Value for persons with disabilities

Financial independence

Value for companies

Companies can improve ESG management and respond to the increasing statutory employment quota

  • Simultaneous recruitment
  • Lower hiring costs
  • Reduced introduction costs
  • Enhanced awareness

Companies can take advantage of our services and hire new staff all at once - thereby reducing the initial costs and labor involved in the employee intake process. Our services also increase awareness and advance companies' ESG management.

Receive vegetables and donate

Receive vegetables and donate

Distribution of vegetables at the company

Distribution of vegetables at the company

Value for the government

Job creation for persons with disabilities and Seniors; reclamation of previously-abandoned cultivated land

The services we offer provide value for the government in many ways, resulting in collaborative projects with local authorities.

Creating places where persons with disabilities can work in a safe and fun environment is socially beneficial and has value for the government. Additionally, making it possible for persons with disabilities to achieve financial independence is linked to a reduction in social security expenditures.

Each company that rents out plots on our farms hires a person to be in charge of farm operations, which provides reemployment opportunities for senior citizens in the neighborhood and for retired persons from the company. With the shortage of workers as a result of Japan's declining birth rate and the aging population, S-Pool's services also contribute to job creation for senior citizens. Moreover, S-Pool makes efficient use of abandoned farmland in Japan - another benefit of using our services.

Celebrating the industry's first collaborative project with local authorities