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Promoting improved operational efficiency and digital transformation in administrative services for local governments


Today, many local governments face the issues of depopulation, shrinking local economies, falling tax revenue, and delays in digitalization. This makes it difficult for them to maintain current levels of administrative services. It has even been said that as many as 896 rural municipalities—about one-half of the national total—face the threat of extinction as the rate of young women within their populations will drop below 50% by 2040.
Amid demands for reforms in administrative services, S-Pool Glocal, Inc. launched services to provide the operations of multiple local governments under contract in 2021 by leveraging our strengths in hiring and using digital technologies to support community revitalization. These services do not just create new employment in local communities, but help rectify regional disparities by supporting the digital transformation (DX) of local governments and providing highly user-friendly administrative services.

Usage rate of online services for administrative services offered by local governments



* Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, White Paper 2021: Information and Communications in Japan

Helping to cut administrative operational costs and improve operational efficiency

To improve administrative services, we focused on operations common to all local governments. We offer shared BPO* centers that improve administrative operational efficiency by consolidating such operations. By consolidating certain operations of multiple adjoining local governments, chiefly among provincial cities with populations of 100,000 or fewer, we make it possible to provide the operations of smaller local governments under contract, something considered a significant challenge until now.

* BPO: Business process outsourcing

Consolidating inquiry handling and administrative processing undertaken independently by each local government

Making administrative procedures more convenient by providing them at nearby shopping centers

Across Japan, numerous local governments offer administrative contact points only at government offices. In response, we began operating Minnano Su Mado contact points to make administrative procedures more convenient. They are shared administrative contact points located inside shopping centers, where numerous local residents congregate. These contact points allow residents to complete procedures with multiple nearby local governments. They also provide services on weekday evenings and weekends and provide both in-person and online consultations. They improve not just convenience for local residents but help promote DX and eliminate the digital divide* for local governments.

* Digital divide: Informational disparities between people who can access and use the Internet and computers and those who cannot

Striving to stimulate local economies and realize community development suited to the times

In addition to providing quality public services, local governments need to build structures capable of adapting flexibly to issues their communities face.
We help both rural and urban local governments improve their administrative services to suit the changing needs of the times. Together with active proposals and implementation of IT infrastructures that help realize the visions for the future of local governments, in cooperation with local businesses, we seek to achieve solutions to issues through initiatives with deep roots in the community.


We count on S-Pool Glocal as a partner in solving the social issues faced by our government

The city of Daisen (Akita Prefecture) is advancing administrative reforms and DX initiatives to realize sustainable administrative services while promoting community development that leverages digital technologies. In 2021, as part of these efforts, we opened a smart local government counter (Minnano Su Mado) at a retail facility in the city in cooperation with S-Pool Glocal. I believe this initiative has made the lives of residents more convenient by providing administrative services without the need for a visit to city hall.
In the future, we expect to enhance this alliance with S-Pool Glocal as a first rate partner in solving various social issues facing our government while examining and verifying ways to operate administrative contact points in the future through such BPO services.

Hiroyuki Oimatsu Mayor of Daisen City