Human Resource DevelopmentHuman Resource Development

People represent the core of the S-Pool Group's businesses.
To build a company that continues to grow into the future, we believe people must create its businesses, people's ideas and actions generate its value, and people train the next generation of human resources.
Considering the hiring and development of outstanding human resources to be one of our most important strategies, the S-Pool Group pursues human resource development initiatives throughout the organization. As one example, we hold management by objectives (MBO) sessions twice a year for regular employees and contracted employees to support employee career development. Other major initiatives are outlined below.

Specific examples
  • Level-specific training programs

    To develop management human resources who will advance our businesses, the S-Pool Group prepares growth roadmaps and specifies employee development stages. These growth roadmaps specify the business experience and training programs needed, by employee level, for progress in the three skill areas of creating businesses, growing businesses, and management. Job rotations and training are implemented accordingly.
  • Three-year training program

    For newly hired graduates in particular, we have established special training programs for the first three years with the Group, which are planned and implemented to allow all eligible employees to master the minimum skills needed to play their roles as leaders and managers.
  • Career change system

    The Group sets up career courses for new hires based on their individual career orientations. However, working for many years, employees may find that their career orientations have changed due to their domestic circumstances or other reasons. Accordingly, we strive to provide workplace environments where employees can work in peace of mind through a system that allows employees to transfer to any position within the Group's companies, to the extent reasonable, in response to changes in their career orientation or other circumstances.
  • Mentor-mentee system

    Often, newly hired graduates find it difficult to demonstrate their full potential due to anxiety caused by the unfamiliarity with so much of their newfound professional responsibilities. The Group assigns a mentor to each newly hired graduate for the first year of employment as someone to consult with on any subject. Required to meet with mentees at least once a month, mentors help resolve job-related stress and unease. Since most mentors are younger employees in their second year with the Group after being hired as newly hired graduates themselves, this system also helps strengthen their human resource development skills.
  • Various internal contests

    Depending on its own business stage, each Group company faces various challenges in areas other than improving business performance, including human resource development, operational improvements, and business development. To accelerate each company's growth, we have adopted measures whereby each company plans and implements its own creative contests and campaigns as fun ways to produce results.