President's Message

We help realize a sustainable society by solving social issues through the power of social businesses.

In line with our corporate philosophy of “Supporting corporate transformation for all our customers and embracing the power of outsourcing to solve social issues,” S-Pool advances social businesses to work on solving social issues through business activities. An enormous number of social and environmental issues remain to be solved, not just in Japan, but around the world. Most of these issues are the responsibility of the current generation—issues that must be solved before they confront our children's or grandchildren's generations. The S-Pool Group engages in businesses to tackle social and environmental issues head on, thus promoting social progress and solutions to such issues. We believe that taking on the challenge of creating value through solutions to various issues will lead to the sustainable growth of the Group. We will continue to realize a sustainable society by creating social and economic value, as each and every employee puts our corporate philosophy into practice, through dialogue and joint efforts with local communities, business partners, governments, and other diverse stakeholders.

Sohei Urakami Chairman of the Board, President and Representative Director