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1. Standards of Disclosure

S-Pool is subject to the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other related statutes. Therefore, we conduct timely disclosure of corporate information. The disclosure of material facts of our operations, businesses, or properties, which could have a significant influence on investor decisions, is duly conducted with fairness. Furthermore, in addition to information applicable to the Securities Listing Regulations, we also actively disclose important information which is related to our business activities.

2. Method of Disclosure

Pursuant to the Securities Listing Regulations, disclosure of S-Pool's corporate information is being carried out through the Timely Disclosure Information Dissemination System (TDnet) of Tokyo Stock Exchange. After TDnet disclosure, the corporation posts the same information on the homepage of our Website in a prompt and timely manner. In addition, we actively disclose other pertinent and possibly beneficial information on the Website that is not necessarily applicable to the Securities Listing Regulations.

3. Handling of Operating Results Forecast and Predictive Information

Regarding the operating results forecast and other predictive information, S-Pool makes all reasonable efforts when disclosing this information. However, we make no guarantee to realize these results. In addition, please be advised that there might be a significant difference between actual operating results and the predictive information due to various factors.
Investment inducement is not the purpose of our disclosure of corporate information. Please make individual investment decisions rationally and independently.

4. Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leaking of financial statements and to assure the fairness of disclosure of corporate information to shareholders and investors, there is a quiet period starting from the day after settlement date to the announcement of quarterly financial results. During the quiet period, we do not release information or statements regarding business results or earnings forecasts unless matters subject to timely disclosure have occurred. During the quiet period, if there is a significant change in the operating results forecast, we will duly and accurately disclose the information according to the Securities Listing Regulations.

5. Disclosure to Third Party and Operating Results Forecasted by Third Party

By holding conferences with institutional investors, analysts, and other interested parties, S-Pool aims to increase our corporate value for the mid-to-long term. Only information already disclosed or common information about the business environment is mentioned during these conferences. Dissemination of material facts to specific third- parties is discouraged, and all disclosure of corporate information is conducted with fairness.