Corporate Philosophy


Applying the power of outsourcing to support corporate innovation and solutions to society's challenges


Surpassing client expectations
S-Pool's mission is to help our clients realize a competitive advantage by supporting corporate innovation, which requires us to know the client company even better than they know themselves in order to offer them optimal solutions. Simply delivering performance meeting expectations is not enough to fuel our growth; to grow we must constantly inspire and impress clients beyond their expectations, thus providing them compelling reasons to choose us over others as their ideal partner.
Taking on challenges without fear of failure
Avoiding challenges is certainly one approach to avoiding failure. But true growth is possible only if we pursue challenges without fear of failure. While failure may appear to be inevitable at times, merely adopting a critical attitude or refusing to face up to the facts and as a result losing spirit and confidence will end up making substantial losses all but certain. If you can learn to profit from failure by somehow extracting from it the seeds of future possibility, this would translate into investment. Let's try to learn more from failure by regarding it as an opportunity instead, and realize success by proactively taking on challenges.
Enjoying our work
The enjoyment we derive from work helps generate better ideas. High levels of enthusiasm and leadership influence and energize those around us. Let's enjoy the time we spend doing any job by proactively taking on challenges, by drawing on our creativity and ingenuity, and by looking at things in new ways. We are all capable of choosing the attitude we take toward our work. We must seek to enjoy our time working with our colleagues by demonstrating proactive leadership and enthusiasm, in recognition that the time we spend at work constitutes valuable moments of our lives, not time-consuming chores to be endured.

About the Company name

S-Pool, the Company name, expresses our desire to deliver solutions to customer challenges by pooling the four Ss: Solutions, Systems, Staffing, Sustainability. The name also evokes a spool on which we wish to intertwine abounding know-how in these four Ss.