Strengths of S-Pool

Strength 1: Social businesses based on benefiting all three parties involved: sellers, buyers, and society

In line with our corporate philosophy calling for “Supporting corporate transformation for all our customers and embracing the power of outsourcing to solve social issues,“ we promote social businesses that deliver solutions to society's challenges–and associated corporate challenges–through our business activities. This mission reflects the traditional sanpo yoshi (benefiting all three parties) management principles of merchants from Japan's former Omi region.
This concept of benefiting all three parties involved by helping our customers increase their corporate value and contributing to solving social issues, in addition to generating earnings ourselves, helps attract capable human resources and achieve growth of our unique social businesses.

1.Social value

  • Realizing a society based on normalization
  • Rectifying regional disparities (revitalizing communities)
  • Addressing climate change

2. S-Pool's value

  • Achieving sustained corporate growth
  • Improving employee well-being

3. Customer value

  • Addressing (adapting to) social needs
  • Promoting innovation
  • Focusing on main businesses
S-Pool's business areas

Strength 2: A unique business model of outsourcing services built on sharing

Our outsourcing services aim to lead corporations and government agencies to identify solutions to issues that would be difficult to address on their own. These services adopt the sharing approach, reflecting the premise that multiple companies can use the same services. Under this business model, the more our user base grows, the more stable and less reliant on certain customers our revenues become.

  • Special Needs Employment Services

    48 farms shared by 618 companies

  • Logistics Outsourcing Services

    2 logistics centers shared by 80 companies

  • Employment Support Services

    5 call centers shared by 175 companies

  • Wide-area Administrative BPO Services

    20 BPO centers shared by 73 local governments

As of the end of February 2024

Strength 3: Stable growth through portfolio management

The S-Pool Group strives to be a corporate entity resistant to environmental changes by promoting portfolio management whereby we engage in multiple businesses in different fields. We also work to build robust management foundations by operating business in fields less susceptible to the ups and downs of the economic cycle.

Resistant to external

environmental changes

Special Needs
Employment Services
Helping corporations
meet their
legal compliance

Administrative BPO
Supporting administrative
services essential to
people's lives

Support Services
Helping corporations fulfill
their responsibilities
to society

Supporting logistics
efficiency improvements in
the steadily growing
e-commerce market

Human Resource
Outsourcing Services
Supporting solutions to
workforce shortages and
enhancements to
organizational strength