President's MessagePresident's Message

Helping to realize a society in which future generations can live with peace of mind by resolving today's social issues.

We would like to express our gratitude to our stakeholders for their continuing support.

S-Pool was founded in 1999 to realize the following social mission: Applying the power of outsourcing to support corporate innovation and solutions to society's challenges.

In our 24th fiscal year (ended November 30, 2023), while everyday life had at last started to return to normal in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic prospects remained uncertain due to factors such as skyrocketing raw materials prices accompanying the protracted Ukraine crisis, and the ongoing devaluation of the yen.

Under these conditions, the S-Pool Group pursued portfolio-based management by focusing on multiple businesses that offer high levels of social contribution and added value. In our Business Solutions Segment, while nearly all services recorded higher sales, including the core business of Special Needs Employment Services and the rapidly growing business of Environmental Management Support Services, profit growth was modest due to factors including the impact of upfront investments. In the Human Resource Solutions Segment, the core business of which is Temporary Staffing Services, although revenues in sales support services recovered, both sales and profits were down sharply as a result of the decline in sales in the call centers business due to COVID-19.

The resulting net sales totaled 25.78 billion yen (down 3.3% year on year), operating profit stood at 2.61 billion yen (down 15.3% year on year), ordinary profit at 2.68 billion yen (down 13.9% year on year), and net income attributable to owners of the parent at 1.7 billion yen (down 5.7% year on year).

In our 25th fiscal year (ending November 30, 2024), while returning to a path of sales and profit growth, we will also promote new business strategies targeting our next decade of growth. We have identified Special Needs Employment Services, Environmental Management Support Services, and Wide-area Administrative BPO Services as priority segments, each of which has an outstanding customer base and high growth potential among Group businesses. In each of these segments, in addition to growing organically by deepening our current services, we will pursue new growth by expanding business domains through new business development as well as mergers and acquisitions. We will also address the sales decline in Human Resource Outsourcing Services during the first half as we strive to return to a solid growth track.

As we head into the future, the S-Pool Group is committed to playing an integral role in realizing a sustainable society and serving as a leading social enterprise in Japan. We appreciate your continued understanding and support.

Sohei Urakami
Chairman of the Board, President and Representative Director